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Welcome to the official Kate Bush website,
presented by FISH PEOPLE:

We're delighted to announce a whole bunch of reissued albums in unlimited editions on physical formats.
We’ve redesigned the website to show you what's available.

“In a virtual world where no-one knows what’s real,
there are people out there who want to
feel the music in their hands”

The Escapologist Edition

Fish People are delighted to announce the special presentation of The Dreaming album, featuring the original remastered audio, 2018

The Baskerville Edition

In addition to the reissues there are two special presentations of the Hounds of Love album featuring the original remastered audio, 2018

The Boxes of Lost at Sea

For more details, please visit the
Hounds of Love page.

“I hope you enjoy these reissues. A great deal of care and thought has gone into them.”