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Before the Dawn ‘Lily’ was always our opening song.
It included a prayer of protection. We hoped it would keep all of us
safe for the night ahead.

“These shows took huge amounts of work to put together. They were visually very complicated, involving theatre, film and puppetry.”

“We worked with the most incredible team of people and we were all exhausted by the time we reached opening night. It was the unforgettable energy of the audiences every night that drove us on.”

This set of the Live show; Before the Dawn
is available in its original form of release.

“[We] are about to experience something
those left on the ground will never truly understand”

– The Times (Caitlin Moran)

“Love, it transpires, can make you do the strangest things –
again and again, for 22 nights”
– Uncut

The Woman lost at sea was projected onto a large screen,
while her delirium was played out on stage