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Aerial was written as a double album.
The cover depicts the sound wave of blackbird song.

We have reissued the following versions of this album in physical formats.
All are the 2018 remastered audio.

Goldy Locks

A coloured Double Vinyl (Goldy Locks). Available only from Indie Record Stores and this website. All of these are mixed colour vinyl, so each one is individual.

Disc 1; A Sea of Honey -
Individual songs, some focused around the sea. From a sunken
city in the song, ‘A Coral Room’ to ‘Mrs Bartolozzi’ where the clothes
in a washing machine become two lovers tumbling in the sea.

Disc 2; A Sky of Honey -
A continuous piece of music, stepping through a summer's day,
full of birdsong - from wood pigeons on a lovely afternoon to the
human turned-blackbird at the break of dawn.

Fish People reissues available to order here.

“I wanted to explore the idea of birdsong as a language and the idea that light is a trigger for their extraordinary song. Why do they all start to sing at dawn? Why do they sing so strongly as the sun starts to set?”