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Lionheart“The song ‘England My Lionheart’, was written from a
British pilot’s viewpoint in WW2. He longs for an England that doesn’t exist
any more… if it ever did.”

We have reissued the following versions of this album in physical formats.
All are the 2018 remastered audio.

Dirty Pink

A coloured Vinyl (Dirty Pink).
Available only from Indie Record Stores in the USA and this website in the USA. All of these are mixed colour vinyl, so each one is individual.

A Fish People reissue of the original vinyl & CD.

Available in the USA only. Distributed through The state51 Conspiracy.
(Original release distributed through WMG for ROW).

Fish People reissues available to order in the USA only here.

The live shows followed shortly off the back of this album. Because I wanted to sing and dance, I needed a mic that didn’t have to be held. Together with the live sound engineer, we invented the first headset. I suggested that we patent it, but he said
‘How do we patent an old coat hanger bent into shape?’

Because we didn’t have time to troubleshoot, we'd often pick up local cab companies on the same frequency. These would go out over the sound system to the great amusement of the audiences!