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Hounds of Love I wrote the songs for this album in a tiny room
overlooking endless fields. I could see the weather coming for miles …

We have reissued the following versions of this album in physical formats.
All are the 2018 remastered audio.

Raspberry Beret

A coloured Vinyl (Raspberry Beret).
Available only from Indie Record Stores and this website. All of these are mixed colour vinyl, so each one is individual.

The Baskerville Edition is the first in the series of illustrated editions
of the albums. Illustrated by Timorous Beasties. On black vinyl.
This edition also includes a Solar Powered flashing LED.

Instructions on how to charge the little light

The Baskerville Edition available from 1st December ‘ 23
by mail order, and can be ordered HERE

The Boxes of Lost at Sea

This special presentation consists of two boxes,
each containing one side of the Hounds of Love album.

The idea was to create a hybrid of an album and a piece of artwork you
could hang on the wall. They’re based on something I designed
for an auction for the charity War Child

LED powered by two AAA battery. Text also available in braille.
UV print on a side without grooves, on white vinyl.

With kind permission of ITV.
A donation will be made to War Child with each box that's bought.

The Boxes of Lost at Sea available from 1st December ‘ 23
by mail order, and can be ordered HERE
(Boxes can be bought individually)

A great deal of work went into creating videos for the singles
taken from this album. I hoped Running Up That Hill could be
seen as a filmic piece of dance

Learn more about the story behind the
Cloudbuster at the Wilhelm Reich Museum

And for those cloudbusting kind of days ...