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Director's CutIt was a personal exercise really - I wanted to revisit some of
my older tracks and play with them. Steve Gadd reinvented the drums.

We have reissued the following versions of this album in physical formats.
All are the 2018 remastered audio.

Hazy Red

A coloured Double Vinyl (Hazy Red). Available only from Indie Record Stores and this website. All of these are mixed colour vinyl, so each one is individual.

Revisiting ‘Moments of Pleasure’ was the most fun. Stripping it right
down to just a vulnerable piano arrangement, removing the chorus lyric,
and having a choir hum the melody instead. I really liked the idea of
people having to imagine the words.

Fish People reissues available to order here.

“This time round on the track ‘Deeper Understanding’,
we had the technology to replace the vocoder with a computerised vocal. My son's voice was processed to become the character of the loving computer.”