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Before The Dawn

  1. Act One - Lily (Live)
  2. Act One - Hounds Of Love (Live)
  3. Act One - Joanni (Live)
  4. Act One - Top Of The City (Live)
  5. Act One - Never Be Mine (Live)
  6. Act One - Running Up That Hill (Live)
  7. Act One - King Of The Mountain (Live)
  8. Act Two - Astronomer's Call (Live)
  9. Act Two - And Dream Of Sheep (Live)
  10. Act Two - Under Ice (Live)
  11. Act Two - Waking The Witch (Live)
  12. Act Two - Watching Them Without Her (Live)
  13. Act Two - Watching You Without Me (Live)
  14. Act Two - Little Light (Live)
  15. Act Two - Jig Of Life (Live)
  16. Act Two - Hello Earth (Live)
  17. Act Two - The Morning Fog (Live)
  18. Act Three - Prelude (Live)
  19. Act Three - Prologue (Live)
  20. Act Three - An Architect's Dream (Live)
  21. Act Three - The Painter's Link (Live)
  22. Act Three - Sunset (Live)
  23. Act Three - Aerial Tal (Live)
  24. Act Three - Somewhere In Between (Live)
  25. Act Three - Tawny Moon (Live)
  26. Act Three - Nocturn (Live)
  27. Act Three - Aerial (Live)
  28. Act Three - Among Angels (Live)
  29. Act Three - Cloudbusting (Live)

"Before the dawn" was recorded during the incredible run of 22 sold-out shows performed by Kate at London's Hammersmith Apollo in 2014.  

In March 2014 Kate announced plans to perform 15 shows in London in August and September that year, her first live shows since 1979.  The shows sold out so quickly that a further 7 were immediately added, with all shows selling out in 15 minutes.  This very website crashed with the demand.

The first night of the shows prompted a complete media frenzy with the Evening Standard declaring that the show was "an extraordinary mix of magical ideas, stunning visuals, attention to detail and remarkable music – she was so obviously, so unambiguously brilliant, it made last night something to tell the grandchildren about."

Later that year the show won the special Editor’s award at the highly prestigious London Theatre Awards, the only contemporary music show to do so.

On November 25 2016 the live album "Before The Dawn" was released on CD (3 CDs) and vinyl (4 vinyl) and digital download.  The conceptual heart of the show is reflected in the CD format, which is split over 3 discs centred around the two integral pieces – 'The Ninth Wave' and 'A Sky Of Honey'.

CD1 ends with the pivotal track 'King Of The Mountain' which bridges into 'The Ninth Wave' suite of songs on CD2.

The album was produced by Kate Bush. Nothing on the record was re-recorded or overdubbed.

You can order the CD here, the Download here and the Vinyl here

Release date
25th November, 2016

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