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'Words delivered through music seem to enter the human psyche in a unique way. Sometimes these sung words can speak to the listener's inner life, and on certain occasions they can be delivered straight to the heart.'

How To Be Invisible: Selected Lyrics - Paperback - Image

"How To Be Invisible: Selected Lyrics - Paperback" will be officially released on 6th April.

The book features a brand new introduction from Kate and a new cover design by Jim Kay.

Available to pre-order now in our store and from other retailers here.

There’s also a poster available for pre-order, featuring the stunning illustration by Jim Kay.

Paperback and Poster Bundle available here.

How To Be Invisible: Selected Lyrics - Poster - Image

'When I was little, I used to crawl under my father’s piano and sit there while he played... I used to wonder what would happen if the piano collapsed on top of me.'